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Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and Healthdirect Australia is proud to play its part in it.

As a national collaboration of Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, we seek to improve health outcomes and literacy by providing more accessible healthcare information, advice and referral to all Australians anywhere, anytime.

Our government shareholders established Healthdirect Australia in 2006 to improve equity of access to healthcare through a national health call centre. Since then, we have expanded our services to implement government health and aged care policies by providing information, advice, virtual health services and referral using telephone, videoconference, online and mobile app platforms. Our 24/7 services are delivered by nurses, clinicians and other highly skilled staff; providing a source of trusted, reliable and contemporary information and virtual health services.

Content on our websites is designed for people of all health literacy levels and videos like this are provided in multiple languages to help all Australians manage and improve their health.

We highly value the ongoing support of our shareholders and have built on our core services to partner with Primary Healthcare Networks, Local Health Networks and other organisations to provide national and jurisdiction-specific services to meet the changing health needs of the community.

We have developed this Strategic Plan 2021-24 (our Plan) twelve months after Healthdirect Australia played an integral part in Australia’s COVID-19 response, when we provided 24/7 information on the latest health advice, travel restrictions and government policy.

We now play a central role in Australia’s rapidly expanding vaccination program; reflecting our increased integration with public and private health services. Our Plan builds on the urgent and important work we did last year and continue to provide in Australia’s response to the pandemic and beyond.

Since our establishment, we have been a leader in providing the information Australians need to manage and improve their health. We will continue our core business of providing highly reliable, trusted health information to Australians – anywhere, anytime. We will also continue to improve connections across the health system to make it easier for consumers to get the advice and care they need.

We will focus our innovation on unlocking value from the investment in Healthdirect Australia for healthcare consumers, governments, health and aged care service providers, and the technology industry supporting healthcare providers.

We will do this by improving our data analytics and reporting; enhancing our digital health platforms; remaining flexible, scalable and ready to respond to urgent and emerging priorities; and collaborating with others to take advantage of their deep expertise. We will focus on where we can make a unique contribution – having regard to other public and private organisations in the health and aged care ecosystem.

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Jane Muirsmith
Board Chair of Healthdirect Australia